Government is a huge economic player, service provider, vendor, and contractor.  The sums of money government controls and re-distributes is mind numbing.  As with every human endeavor, human nature being that what it is, greed for economic reward with at times infect our government systems that must function openly, fairly and with free market competition.  Government should never be the actor with a "thumb on the scale" as to contracts or distribution of tax payer resources.  Government must be the Honest Broker, the best Umpire, the tough as nails Referee.

Transparency can be summed up in Paris Landing State Park Project.


Life is the most sacred gift God has blessed humans with. Jesus Christ died so that we may all never die but have life ever lasting.  Human life begins with conception.  Science unquestionably proves this.  It is every persons' responsibility to protect human life.


America and Tennesseans do not have a tax revenue problem, we have an expenditure problem.  We also have a problem as Tennesseans, as a whole, making sure our elected representatives understand what the electorate (constituents) want as priorities their hard earned tax dollar spent on.  Government exists to serve the needs and will of the People. It is not the function of Government to spend tax payer dollars on projects and programs that do not serve the public good but might fulfill some "politically correct agenda" for those that fail to fully consider all the consequences of government actions/programs; or, simply reward those politically connected or financially support those in control of tax payer funds.


Fraud, waste, and abuse is reality in Government Programs.  It's not good for Tennessee and not fair to Tennesseans.

Second Amendment

The Second Amendment was adopted December 15, 1791.  It was adopted as a result of Americans having to live under the control of the tyrannical British Government and its troops.  There were no limits as to what kind of gun or firearm a person could own or possess.  These muskets and rifles were the state of the art weaponry at the time.  The Second Amendment is a guarantee that American Citizens can defend all the God given Freedoms every human being should have as part of life on this planet. 

We do not let homicidal maniacs roam our streets, planting bombs, wielding knives, mowing down innocent women and children on our streets, or going in our schools with any type of weapon to harm people.  But, the device or tool used to accomplish this horror is not the problem.  We as a society have to commit to expend the time and devotion necessary to identify and neutralize these monsters regardless of what weapon or tool they choose to carry out their crimes.

Every (sane) US Citizen of legal age has the right to possess and carry a firearm. Period.


Marriage is between a Man and a Woman and a part of existence recognized by the State.  Homosexual behavior (be it man with man or woman with woman) has apparently existed as part of human behavior as our species developed. The State has a compelling interest in further and aiding Marriage for the betterment of the State and our Nation. I am not concerned with, nor do I wish to know or contemplate about the voluntary sexual activity two consenting adults that is not harmful or detrimental.  Privacy is a right but also a common courtesy Americans should respect regarding their fellow neighbors and persons in their community.  We don't know nor do we want to know about the sexual behavior of others.

Religious Freedom

This is the most fundamental right we as Americans share.  The right to believe that which we wish to believe regarding our faith and religion and the free exercise of it.  America was founded upon Judaeo-Christian values, beliefs and principles.  These beliefs and principles are part of the foundation of our beliefs as free human beings and Americans.  These beliefs and principles should be protected, encouraged, and supported as much as possible without intertwining religion with government.  To the extent other religions recognize the importance of love for their fellow man/woman; and respect for others, even those that may not share your particular believe, we embrace them.  If other religions (belief systems) mock, denigrate, preach hatred, control or subjugation of all those who do not subscribe to their particular belief system - we reject that religion or belief system, and will fully oppose those who seek to establish them within the United States.

Opioid Addiction

A question..  Has this public health issue been with us for the past 50 or 100 Years? NO! This public health crisis is directly related to pharmaceutical industry creation and marketing of highly addictive pain medication and a complete failure of oversight by the State and Physician/Healthcare body politic.

Pain management clinics are a major contributor to this problem.  Government has failed to appropriate, regulate, and supervise the distribution of addictive substances.

Doctors do not have the tools, nor the time in todays medical industry, to appropriately evaluate patients for addiction issues.

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