Husband. Father. Christian. Conservative. 

About Bruce

Bruce Griffey currently operates his own law firm, Griffey Law, practicing criminal law and also is running on the Republican ticket. 

Griffey wants to see new industry established in the 75th District in order to bring more jobs here, as well as more work directed at the drug epidemic which he said has taken its toll on the district. “It’s a Catch 22,” Griffey said. “One of the reasons some people turn to drugs is the perceived lack of jobs.  However, an impediment to getting businesses to relocate or expand here is the issue of having a labor force that can pass a drug screen. We need significant change with respect to our criminal justice system in Tennessee.  We also need significant change with respect to how welfare assistance is delivered in Tennessee, which I believe has a direct impact on our criminal justice system. I want to be part of ensuring that such change occurs and occurs as soon as possible.  We need to fix the drug problem and we need to create jobs for people in this district, and I am committed to doing just that.”

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